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news-fire-safety-lawIt’s hard to believe that anyone would deliberately endanger life or willingly increase the risk of fire and if you were to ask someone directly, would you like to have a significantly increased risk of fire or a decreased risk of fire, you would imagine that everyone would want to have a reduced risk of fire. Yet there are exceptions.

Another recent case highlighted in a trade journal shows that some irresponsible people are knowingly willing to put people in danger. In this particular instance a restaurant where you would reasonably expect to go for a pleasant family meal or out with friends in complete safety – yet by blatantly flouting Fire Safety laws, the restaurant was an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately, a concerned member of the public made a complaint which prompted a visit from fire safety officers who discovered a number of serious breaches in their inspection.

The breaches found by the fire officers were so serious they issued an immediate Prohibition Notice. Breaches included obstructed fire exits, defective emergency lighting, no working fire alarms, dangerous electrics and a fire risk assessment that took no account of ongoing building work on the 2nd floor of the property where the staff slept.

The restaurant owner was successfully prosecuted and fined £13,452 plus ordered to pay £1,962 costs. Since the prosecution, all of the required safety measures are now in place at the restaurant as they should be.

Since the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 all businesses are required by law to carry out a fire risk assessment. They are also required to take appropriate steps to minimise the risk of fire and implement general fire precautions to protect people if a fire occurs at the premises. Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd can carry out a full fire risk assessment and work with you to ensure that not only is your building safe from the risk of fire, but that you comply with the current fire safety regulations.

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