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Conventional Fire Alarms

a tried, tested and trusted conventional fire alarm solution

What are Conventional Fire Alarms?

Conventional Fire AlarmIf you are looking for a simpler, reliable fire alarm system and you have a small building, then a conventional (non-addressable) fire alarm could be the solution. A conventional fire alarm allows you to have multiple detectors and sounders, each of which can be divided up in to zones. Unlike addressable fire alarms, each detector can not be identified individually so it does make a fire harder to locate, which is why this system is only suitable for smaller buildings.

Our conventional control panels allow you to test and monitor the function of the entire system. It will alert you to any potential problems with the sounders or detectors so you can arrange repairs or servicing as necessary, maintaining your complete protection. We offer conventional systems ranging from a 2 zone up to 16 zone.

At FASS we’re not beholden to any one manufacturer. As an independent Fire Safety specialist, we can supply, install and service all types of alarms across Cambridgeshire and the UK.

Addressable Fire Alarm Servicing

Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd offer a range of conventional fire alarm servicing and maintenance options to suit all types of business and premises. Most clients benefit from our service and maintenance contract which offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call out as well as regular, manufacturer defined servicing at the required intervals.

We also offer one off pay as you go alarm servicing for clients who do not wish to take out an ongoing contract. Plus we also provide one off fault finding for conventional alarms, please contact us for further information.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective on smaller installation (under 20 devices/detectors)
  • Tried and tested system
  • Most manufacturers devices are compatible with each other
  • Cost to purchase the hardware is less than more complex systems
  • Simple setup and usage

leasing option available on this product

Conventional fire alarms have been available for many years now and as such, are a proven and reliable method of fire detection. Therefor this detection method offers a good basic level of protection and is ideal for smaller buildings especially where the budget may be a factor. Each of the detectors in the zone of the building are connected to the same pair of wires. This means that if any of the detectors are triggered, the zone where the detection has taken place is shown on the control panel, but not the exact location. If you have a lot of small rooms, even if the overall building is small, it would be advisable to use a more accurate addressable fire alarm system.

In order to assist the fire brigade in an emergency, Fire and Safety Solutions always recommend that when a conventional system is installed, a floor plan with the different zones shown clearly on the plan is installed next to the control panel. This basic method of quickly identifying the zone where the fire is located could be life saving.

Please view the downloads tab for product datasheet PDF’s which include specifications.

The Next Steps

At Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and finding the right tool for the job. Our competent, qualified and DBS (CRB) checked engineers can assist you in determining the appropriate Fire Safety Equipment to suite your requirements.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can assist you.

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