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EMS IRIS+ Wireless Alarm

wireless alarm for staff protection and personal attack situations

About EMS and the IRIS+ wireless alarm system

EMS-iris-groupThe EMS IRIS+ wireless alarm system is the most widely used wireless hi-integrity system for protection of staff and protection for personal attack situations. The IRIS+ system is industry leading and as such it is used by nearly all financial institutions throughout the UK.

Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd are able to supply and fit the wireless alarm system which is an extremely reliable and flexible, with multiple configuration options available making it suitable for nearly all applications. As it is wireless, the need for cable is eliminated and any additions or alterations can be made quickly and cost effectively.

The combination of replaceable low-cost energy packs in each unit, combined with system wide power management software also reduce the overall operating costs. The Transmitters do not require charging every day and each handset requires two AA alkaline batteries which should provide approximately 5 years of operating life based on typical usage.

IRIS+ uses a secure signalling system that eliminates false alarms from other radio interference and fault condition is reported immediately due to the transmitter call-in failure detection which is a standard feature of IRIS+.
The 7256 IRIS+ enables optional site wide paging using the EMS paging facility which allows managers and security staff to receive information at any location on the site.

FASS Recommended Wireless Alarms

At Fire and Safety Solutions we work with leading manufacturers for all of our products we supply and are happy to install or service most market leading brands.

With manufacturers who we feel exceed all of our expectations, we work closely with them in order to provide our customers with not only the best pricing but also access to the expertise and knowledge that manufacturer can offer, ensuring you get a premium product and service.

EMS IRIS+ wireless products are one such manufacturer who FASS endorse and recommend as a trusted supplier.

Key Features:

  • Extremely Flexible – Can be adapted to suit virtually any building where a personal attack risk is a threat. Workers on site alone can be vulnerable and wireless handsets ensure they are always able to call for assistance or raise the alarm should it be required
  • Cost Effective – IRIS+ can be easily modified as the building or risk change. This can be carried out quickly and without interruption to your business

leasing option available on this product

The IRIS+ system consists of two key components, the 7256 IRIS Controller and the 7500 Alarm Device. In addition to this, you can also include the 7972 Pendant. Details of each component are as follows:

IRIS Controller

EMS-iris-receiverThe IRIS wireless radio personal attack alarm system is designed for use in all types of financial, industrial or commercial buildings where staff need the security of an instant response personal attack alarm. The transmitters can also be placed in fixed positions and as it is wireless any changes can be made quickly and cost effectively. False alarms which were often caused by damage to traditional wiring circuits are totally removed.

The system can monitor up to 256 transmitters, each uniquely identified by the receiver. Every event is time and date stamped and stored in incident log which can be reviewed using the LCD screen. After resetting, the events are then archived to the historical log, which can also be read from the display or with an optional plug-in printer.

The IRIS personal attack receiver range includes a range of software features which enable you to manage activation’s if required e.g. alarm verification for high risk personnel (cashiers, early morning entry etc) and or low risk personal, such as financial services – this allows you to distinguish the groups as to if the police should attend or if local assistance is required. This can assist in reducing unwanted police call-outs.

The IRIS system fully complies with police requirements for confirmed alarms (BS8243:2010) and is designed to comply with EN50131 conforming for radio signalling.

Alarm Device

EMS-iris-alarm-deviceThe main function of the transmitter is to provide portable protection, with a local assistance button and a dual action full alarm/panic facility.

Typical Applications:

  • Personnel protection/support – e.g. financial institutions, cash based operations etc.
  • Maintenance workers in hazardous areas.
  • Loan worker situations, where a base receiver can be connected to a remote signalling system, providing backup support.
  • Security guards, prison officers or nursing staff where duties are considered ‘high risk’
  • Unsupervised employees, lab staff, forklift truck drivers, warehousemen etc.

The 7500 also offers an additional safety feature – a man-down facility including an audible warning option. Following user activation, tactile verification is also available as an option. Visual indication is provided for both full activation and battery low monitoring.

The system is designed to comply with EN50131 conforming for radio signalling and fully complies with police requirements for confirmed alarms (BS8243:2010).


EMS-iris-pendantThe IRIS wireless pendant can be worn in different ways depending upon your own company requirements and is supplied with a “quick-release” lanyard as standard. This can be changed to one of your own branded lanyards should you require.

Each pendant has a battery life of 12 months based on typical usage and up to 256 pendants can be used with a single system. Using secure UHF frequencies, which typically allow in excess of 150 meter coverage from the IRIS panel, users are able to continue carrying out their work safe in the knowledge that help is on hand, should it be needed.

Using dual activation (large red buttons on each side of the pendant) to request assistance and eliminate any false activation’s, this pendant is a vital addition to your Health and Safety plan.

Each pendant is lightweight (only 25.35g) which makes it virtually “invisible” until such time it is needed.

Specifications vary depending on the type of system required. In order to obtain the correct specification for the system most relevant to your needs, please call our sales team to discuss your requirements. To review all of the specifications, please see the downloads tab of this page.

The Next Steps

At Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and finding the right tool for the job. Our competent, qualified and DBS (CRB) checked engineers can assist you in determining the appropriate Fire Safety Equipment to suite your requirements.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can assist you.

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