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Fire Alarm Installation Terms & Conditions

The Installation and Wiring

  1. Our proposal is based on free access to all areas of installation and continuous, unimpeded working whilst on site. Unless specifically requested and otherwise confirmed in writing, we have not made allowance for any site-specific Health and Safety requirements other than our won reasonable care and attention in carrying out the works.
  2. A 5 amp 240V a.c. mains fused, non-switched, electrical spur will be required adjacent to the agreed location of the control units. This spur should be solely for use with the fire alarm system and be derived from the isolator described in item 2.
  3. Whilst all reasonable care will be taken to propose a suitable number of alarm sounder, acoustics are affected by furnishings, people and structural materials etc. For this reason, the fire alarm sounders will be subject to an audibility test. Any additional sounders subsequently required will be charged as extra.
  4. This specification has been prepared taking into account all information available to the surveyor and is considered to be the best suited for the system type specified. Should the client consider that the degree of protection is in excess of the requirements or alternatively, that greater coverage is required the Company’s surveyor will be please to discuss the matter further.
  5. The installation will comply with the system requirements and any wiring will be in the cable appropriate to the equipment being installed. A pre-wire will be undertaken to put the cables into the walls before they are closed by the builders.
  6. We have assumed that the work will be carried out continuously during normal working hours of between 09.00- 5.00 Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Access will be required to all areas where the alarm is to be installed by the Engineer and is priced in the expectation that they will not be unduly delayed. The installations will be carried out from a 240 V a.c. mains source to be supplied by the customer as at 3. A 240V Un-switched Fused spur unit will be required in the area where the new Fire Alarm Control Panel is to be located.
  7. We have allowed for the cutting of any chases or holes where necessary to facilitate the installation of the system and no allowance has been made for any making good or redecorating.

Schedule of Works

Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd to supply, install and commission all equipment as per the attached schedule. On being handed over a period of tweaking settings maybe (but not always) required, this is known as a ‘Soak period’, where any problems not foreseen are configured out until a stable system which does not generate alarms falsely is established. We will issue the necessary certification for the job.


On Completion of the installation and wiring work our engineers will carry out complete commissioning and testing of the security systems.


  • Standard working hours are between 08.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday. Outside these times labour will be charged as stated below:
  • The labour charges have been calculated on the understanding that time on site will not be unduly interrupted or working prevented and if so additional charges may be applied.
  • No allowance has been made for the provision of access equipment (including harnesses) if required and if not available on site will be hired from a local supplier and charged back at cost.
  • Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarms and other Security System Installations are not subject to the CIS regulations and we will require our invoices paid in full without any such deduction.

Quotation Exclusions

  • Out of hours working (unless specified)
  • Builders works
  • Making good
  • Arrangement of permits
  • Fault finding to existing cables
  • Asbestos in the building, may delay our engineers until it is dealt with by the Client safely and as such involve extra costs/time on site for us which will be charged on.
  • Removal of existing furniture/fixtures/equipment
  • 230V Supplies or connections, excluding fused spur as allowed for
  • Parking, congestion charges, travel, carriage or delivery charges will be charged as extras at cost.

Call Out Costs

Call out charge (inc telephone support) – £75.00
(including the first hour from receipt of call)
Standard Hours (09.00-17.00) – £50.00 per hour
Out of Standard Hours (17.00 – 24.00) – £70.00 per hour
Out of Standard Hours (24.00 – 09.00) – £100.00 per hour
Bank Holidays – £150.00 per hour

System Modifications

Any modifications or repairs required to the installed systems will be completed subject to an official quotation and purchase order being in place prior to commencement of the works.


In the event of a fault being reported to us once commissioned and handed over in good working order then all attendances will be subject to charges in line with the rates applicable unless resulting from defective new equipment or installation. All faults found during a service visit will be repaired following on site authorisation. User errors or unwanted alarm reset call outs are chargeable.


Free and uninhibited access for our engineers will be provided for by the client subject to a minimum of 1 week’s notice of attendance being provided by Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd

Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd engineers use proprietary testing equipment, the provisions of specialist access equipment ie towers/lifters are not provided or costs included within the above sum and are the responsibility of the client to provide.

Should access be restricted ie by the Client reducing hours available to work then priority will be given to call points and accessible smoke detectors for functional testing. Remaining devices will be checked by looking at the analogue device values and where possible simulate the device going into alarm. Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd cannot be held responsible for the non compliance of this testing due to third party restrictions and advises the client to seek to allow for the testing to be done out of hours in compliance with the Standard.


The client shall indemnify Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd against all claims for loss, injury or damages arising out of the use, operation, breakdown or failure of the equipment or consequential losses arising there from unless caused directly by the negligence, error or omission of Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd, its severants or agents.


Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd carries Business insurance of £5m for Public Liability and Efficacy, £10m Employers Liability and £100k Professional Indemnity.

The Next Steps

At Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and finding the right tool for the job. Our competent, qualified and DBS (CRB) checked engineers can assist you in determining the appropriate Fire Safety Equipment to suite your requirements.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can assist you.

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