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Fire and Safety Solutions are proud to be associated with the prestigious 61st London Film Festival event by supplying portable fire extinguishers on site. Last years event and the Victoria Embankment Gardens saw 22,000 attendances, so with an even larger number expected for the 2017 event, ensuring the safety of all those attending is paramount to all involved.

FASS have many years of experience in assessing the and supplying the right fire safety equipment for all kind of events, big and small, giving the organsiers peace of mind that not only do they comply with the current fire safety legislation, but also the equipment supplied is of the highest quality.

If you would like further information on how FASS can help you with your event, or for any other fire and safety related query, please contact us on 0800 298 0258 or through our Get In Touch page.

Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd are pleased to announce our new look company brochure which is available to download on all of our product pages throughout our website or can be sent to you direct in printed form from our head office. The new brochure not only incorporates our company branding, it also showcases our core products with clear information on their specification and intended application, supported by high quality photographs.

Speaking on the launch of the new brochure, Paul Wilkinson, Managing Director of Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd said; “I’m really proud of our new look brochure, not only will it enable clients to see at a glance our core products and services, it also brings to attention some of our newer products such as the Prestige polished chrome and metal finished fire extinguisher range. Whilst it’s not an exhaustive list of everything we can offer clients, I hope it gives a feel for FASS as a company and our commitment to quality in everything we do”.

To obtain your free copy you can either download a web quality copy of the brochure by clicking here or if you would like a printed copy sending out to you, please call us for free on 0800 298 0258.

It’s something a lot of us do. We need a job doing that requires the knowledge of an expert to carry it out – for example Fire Extinguisher Servicing – so we go online and search for that service and are pleased to see a company that appears to be approachable and knowledgeable. It says all of the right things on the website, X number of years of Fire and Safety experience, a reliable service, high quality extinguishers and to seal the deal they even promise that you will be fully satisfied. What more could you ask for?…

BAFE Approved Fire TechnicianWell, the one thing you really need to ask for is to ensure that the person carrying out any Fire and Safety work at your premises, from fire extinguisher servicing to fire alarm installation, is fully qualified with the correct, up to date industry specific certificates to prove they are fully competent in carrying out the job you are paying for. It’s a serious issue, an incorrectly installed or serviced device could prove fatal or at the very least invalidate your buildings insurance, neither scenario would be desirable for anyone.

All too often we are made aware of companies who only have one approved technician, sending out a small team of unqualified technicians to carry out a job then getting ‘Bob who’s qualified’ to check their work. We feel this is unacceptable as often in an installation some of the items are hidden and obscured so can not easily be checked after the installation. It is therefor essential that anyone carrying out the work is knowledgeable and independently approved – so before you pick up the phone to speak to the first company you find online, can you be sure their staff are fully qualified?

At Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd we believe everyone working as a technician for us must be qualified in their relevant area and that means everyone – which is why our MD, Paul Wilkinson is leading by example and has recently had his BAFE Qualification renewed and approved again. So if you want a company that is experienced, reliable, promises that you will be completely satisfied AND has fully qualified technicians, please get in touch via the website or contact FASS on freephone 0800 298 0258.

Fire Suppression for yachts and boatsBrowsing through the Fire and Safety Industry articles that we are sent every month there is occasionally an article that really stands out and makes us wonder why you wouldn’t install simple fire safety equipment to prevent the fire from taking hold. This months stand out feature is on Super yachts, whilst it’s fair to say that no one here in the FASS office has had much in the way of ownership of a Super yacht, the same principle also applies to smaller pleasure craft. This is particularly relevant if you own a fishing boat or canal boat for example, any kind of boat that you rent or hire out to people.

As a little bit of background information, the article centers around a recent series of Super yacht fires throughout 2016, one in St Thomas, plus two multimillion-dollar yachts in the Abu Dhabi Marina Yacht Club in early March, taking six boats with them. Two months earlier, a fire damaged two super yachts at a marina in Marmaris, Turkey, and another super yacht, the 95-foot Queen Anna, caught fire in Fethiye, Turkey. In these instances it was maintenance that was assumed to be the cause, primarily electrical fires as ships get older or emergency repairs are made at sea then not properly rectified etc. One of the issues the article was highlighting is that usually it’s not just the one yacht that catches fire, they’re nearly always in a marina when it happens and as they are moored so close together, typically it will take the surrounding vessels with it.

This is a concern if you are a yacht owner or boat owner and you may be wondering where FASS fit in to this. Most people are aware of the basics required with fire prevention or rapid fire extinguishing, on board their boat will be a selection of fire extinguishers and a fire blanket – in fact most insurance companies would specify this as a requirement. Whilst the very high end Super yachts will have fire suppression systems built in to them, many boats, especially older craft, will not and this is where FASS can help.

A fire suppression system will instantly react at the source of the fire before it take holds, the pipe work containing the extuishant will busts over the flame, flooding it with the extinguisher within seconds. The system is fully automatic, low maintenance and more importantly it can be retro-fitted in to boats. Our fire suppression systems are highly flexible and be scaled to fit your requirements and can be installed sensitively to avoid either unsightly pipe work or damaging historic or important areas of the boat.

So before you ‘sail on’ into the sunset, take a moment to consider whether your boat has adequate protection from fire. If you would like further information on our Fire Suppression Systems or how FASS can help you, please contact us or call 0800 298 0258.