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Addressable Fire Alarms

comprehensive fire safety with precise fire location

What are Addressable Fire Alarms?

Addressable Fire AlarmAddressable fire alarm systems are a step beyond the conventional fire alarm system. Using the addressable control panel, you can test and monitor the function of the entire system location by location. It will alert you to any potential problems with the sounders or detectors so you can arrange repairs or servicing as necessary, maintaining your complete protection.

Each addressable device (e.g. smoke detector) is identified individually by an address (ID) within the system. The control panel communicates with each device one by one and each device reports back a detection level of smoke or heat. If smoke or heat are detected, the control panel then sounds the alarm on the detector.

As each device is uniquely numbered it gives you the ability to pinpoint the location of the fire precisely giving you valuable time in evacuating the building as well as assisting your local fire service tackling the fire.

At FASS we’re not beholden to any one manufacturer. As an independent Fire Safety specialist, we can supply, install and service all types of alarms across Cambridgeshire and the UK.

Addressable Fire Alarm Servicing

Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd offer a range of addressable fire alarm servicing and maintenance options to suit all types of business and premises. Most clients benefit from our service and maintenance contract which offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call out as well as regular, manufacturer defined servicing at the required intervals.

We also offer one off pay as you go alarm servicing for clients who do not wish to take out an ongoing contract. Plus we also provide one off fault finding for addressable alarms, please contact us for further information.

Key Features:

  • Pin point accuracy on fire/smoke location
  • Ideally suited to larger/complex installations (e.g. more than 20 detectors)
  • Multiple control panels and circuits can be networked together to create one large detection system
  • Individual detectors can be isolated rather than all the detectors on that one loop
  • Reduced number of false alarms
  • Cheaper to install compared to equivalent conventional alarm

leasing option available on this product

The most commonly installed types of fire alarms are either conventional or addressable alarm systems. Whether it is conventional or addressable, all the devices such as smoke detectors or call points are linked back to a control panel. The key difference between the systems is that an addressable fire alarm uniquely numbers each device enabling you to pinpoint exactly which device has been triggered.Addressable alarm systems are by their very nature more sophisticated which makes them more expensive to buy over and above a conventional fire alarm, however addressable alarms are generally cheaper to install relative to conventional systems. This is because with an addressable alarm, one wire will connection multiple devices where as a conventional system needs a wire per device linked back to the control panel which is more time consuming.

Because the addressable system is more sophisticated it is much better and reducing the number of false alarms (which are now charged for by the fire brigade), so despite the initial purchase cost being higher, the longer term savings are greater with the addressable system.

Please view the downloads tab for product datasheet PDF’s which include specifications.

The Next Steps

At Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and finding the right tool for the job. Our competent, qualified and DBS (CRB) checked engineers can assist you in determining the appropriate Fire Safety Equipment to suite your requirements.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can assist you.

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