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It is with a mixture of disbelief, sadness and shock at the regularity in which we read cases in trade journals, or see with our own eyes on site visits, the wilful contempt people treat the risks to life or injury from fire – in many cases simple steps could be taken that would minimise these dangers and so often, despite being made aware of them, people choose to ignore them.

news-fire-safety-lawOn recent article highlighted a curry house owner in Somerset who has now been jailed for six months for endangering the lives of both customers and staff following several breeches of fire safety laws. In this particular case the owner had put storage on the staircase on both the ground and first floors which would have made it extremely difficult to escape in the event of a fire.

In addition there had been a failure to fit fire alarms and detectors and regulations were also broken by allowing staff members to sleep at the premises plus failing to ensure a suitable fire risk assessment had been carried out.

What makes the story even more alarming is that the owner had deliberately ignored warnings and advice from the fire service and ignored two Prohibition Notices.

Speaking on the article, Paul Wilkinson, Managing Director of FASS said “It’s shocking that someone can ignore the advice given to them by professionals who’s only interest is in keeping people safe, yet this person has chosen to disregard that and put people at risk. I am pleased to read that in this instance a jail sentence was given out which will hopefully highlight to others the severity of ignoring regulations. If anyone as any doubts about what is required to be compliant with fire safety regulations or would like FASS to check their current fire safety alarms and extinguishers or carry out a fire risk assessment, please do get in touch with us, we would be only to happy to discuss this with you”.

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