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Smoke damage can be more devastating that the fire itself

Smoke damage can be more devastating that the fire itself

Fires in both domestic and commercial buildings are sadly an everyday occurrence in the UK, the majority of which could be avoided by carrying out correct fire safety precautions. So at Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd when we read of a recent devastating fire at a town centre café, it highlighted one of the horrendous facts about fire that many people overlook when they consider the impact with fire.

In this instance, a fire broke out at Café Piccola in Epsom High Street and whilst fortunately there were no fatalities, one person was treated for burns following the fire. Many of the eyewitness accounts stated that whilst there were visible flames, the smoke from the fire filled the air and surrounding buildings, especially as the fire was extinguished.

This is the point we would like to highlight at Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd, that when someone chooses to cut corners or ignore fire regulations and fire safety precautions, it’s not just peoples lives and their own building that are put at serious risk, but the neighbouring buildings too.

One of the most destructive things about fire is the water damage and the smoke damage – smoke especially as this is one of the key causes of death or serious illness in a fire. Fortunately most people will not have seen just how utterly devastating fire is and at FASS we hope that remains the case, but from our extensive industry experience and exposure to fire it is hard to put in to words the sheer destructive nature of a fire and the consequent smoke and water damage.

As mentioned at the start of the article, this is mostly avoidable. Fires frequently break out due to the careless actions or inaction, in terms of putting in place appropriate fire safety equipment and training, by building owners or business owners.

This is where FASS can help. We are experts in Fire Safety with a long, proven track record and extensive industry experience. We can advise you through a fire safety survey where your current fire equipment and procedures can be improved to meet or exceed current fire regulations and test, service or supply fire safety equipment such as fire alarms or fire extinguishers. In addition we can offer a range if fire safety training courses from standard courses to bespoke courses, to train attendees of how to tackle fire and stay safe and how to prevent fire from occurring.

As the old adage says, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Fire prevention is a responsibility every building or business owner must take seriously to avoid the devastating impact of fire, not only to life or your building, but those around you too. For further information on how FASS can help you, please contact us to arrange a Fire Safety Survey or for an informal, no obligation chat. We look forward to hearing from you.