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As with any business connected to the Fire and Safety Industry, here at Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd we are often called upon to carry out routine maintenance work, whether that’s checking a smoke detector or even replacing discoloured signage – we are always happy to help.

news-ipaf-fire-engineerRoutine maintenance work, whilst vital in ensuring your equipment is up to date and safe, is by it’s very nature… ‘routine’. Therefore most people will arrange an appointment for one of our engineers to attend, they will see our engineer who will quietly and as unobtrusively as possible carry out the maintenance, then once finished the engineer leaves and the job is complete. You would expect nothing different.

However, for us at FASS routine is never just ‘routine’. Routine means detail, safety and accountability for every action taken. We would never send just any engineer out for even the most minor of maintenance tasks. Take for example a simple lightbulb in an Emergency Lighting Exit Sign, if the wrong bulb is fitted and the sign fails not only are you in breech of legislation but more seriously it could fail in an emergency resulting in loss of life.

Many of our clients Fire Safety Equipment is located in difficult to reach areas, such as high up within warehousing for example, whereby the use of a cherry picker would be required to safely maintain the item – it is essential therefor that the cherry picker is operated and used safely within your premises, both for our engineers safety and that of your staff too.

For this reason all of our staff are qualified to use equipment by ensuring they have completed an International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)  qualification and they also understand the importance of operating safely within an environment. Each member of our team adheres to our core values of safety first and checking every little detail, because small errors can lead to large consequences. Each item that is maintained by our engineers is fully accountable back to them and the slightest discrepancy results in disciplinary action. We take keeping our clients systems fully maintained and more importantly, keeping our clients safe seriously and we believe our clients would expect nothing else.

Therefor your routine system maintenance tasks may well be routine, but to us at FASS, every detail counts. To find out more or to book your routine maintenance please contact us.